About Hokitika Honey & Herb

A word from Shea Croft

Co-owner and beekeeper in Hokitika, New Zealand

I was born and raised in Okarito, a one-horse town on the wildest edge of New Zealand’s South Western Coast. Here blue-iced glaciers tumble from the Southern Alps into dense subtropical forest, and rivers snake through lush valleys where they meet the ocean.

Growing up, I always felt a strong connection to this beautiful natural world and the sense of wellbeing it provides us. As a kid I would tend to our family hive, collecting small batches of native honey. Things grow well and flourish here in paradise, as did my fascination with the ways of bees and their phenomenal role in our eco system.

It was here in Okarito that I first met Tom Stewart, a beekeeper with the knack.

Hanging out with Tom, I would soak in his infinite wisdom on all things bees. His passion and care helped shape me at a young age and have influenced my morals to this day.

After leaving school, I went on to work alongside Tom and his son in their small family operation harvesting the purest Manuka honey from the pristine wilderness surrounding Hokitika.

Having sold this magical nectar locally for many years, it wasn’t until I travelled and began to spend more and more time in Hokitika’s Hawaiian paradise equivalent, the Island of Kauai, that my passion for natural health and wellness was fully realized.

Being able to share and educate on the wonderful health properties of our NZ Manuka Honey that I had enjoyed with those who fostered a similar view on natural health and sustainability was a pivotal point in my life. Manuka was well received there and upon returning to New Zealand I was driven to collaborate with another local apiarist and the legendary west-coast bees to create a space in which we could make our product available for the wider world to share in the healing magic and natural benefits of our pure Manuka honey.

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