If you’re a fan of Manuka honey, you may have heard about UMF grading and certification. UMF, or Unique Manuka Factor, is a quality trademark that measures the potency of Manuka honey. A product with a higher UMF rating is considered to be more potent than those with lower ratings.

However, not all Manuka honey is UMF graded or certified. In fact, many high-quality Manuka honey products are not UMF graded or certified. So, is it okay to buy non-certified, non-UMF Manuka honey?

The short answer is yes; buying non-certified, non-UMF Manuka honey is perfectly okay. Manuka honey is special for many reasons, including its unique composition and potential medicinal properties. The UMF grading system is just one way to measure the potency of Manuka honey, but it’s not the only way.

One key factor to consider when choosing Manuka honey is the level of MGO or methylglyoxal it contains. MGO is a naturally-occurring compound found in Manuka honey and is believed to be responsible for many of its unique medicinal properties. The higher the MGO content of Manuka honey, the more potent its medicinal properties are likely to be.

Here is a chart that shows the equivalent MGO levels in different UMF ratings:

UMF Rating MGO Level (mg/kg)
5 83-263
10 263-514
12 514-830
15 830-1240
16 1240-1450
17 1450-1660
20 1660+

As you can see, the higher the UMF rating, the higher the MGO level is likely to be. However, keep in mind that these are just general guidelines, and the actual MGO content of Manuka honey can vary depending on factors such as the hive’s location, the time of year the honey is harvested, and the type of nectar the bees collect.

When shopping for non-certified, non-UMF Manuka honey, there are a few essential factors to consider. First, look for honey that is raw and mono-floral, meaning that it has not been heated or processed and comes from bees that have only collected nectar from the Manuka tree. This ensures that the honey has the full range of beneficial compounds that make Manuka honey so special.

Overall, it’s perfectly okay to buy non-certified, non-UMF Manuka honey. The important thing is to choose a high-quality product with a high MGO content and to consider factors such as raw, mono-floral, and MGO content when shopping.

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