Manuka Honey

from New Zealand’s “Wild West Coast”

from New Zealand’s “Wild West Coast”

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Located at the mouth of the Hokitika River, which springs from the Southern Alps, Hokitika New Zealand is known by locals as the “Wild West Coast”. Our Mānuka Honey comes from bees that pollinate the Mānuka bushes native to this region. We are small-batch beekeepers who seek to preserve and live in harmony with nature and are happy to bring you high quality honeys that are potent, pure and powerful.

Our Mānuka Honeys

Best Manuka Honey

Raw Mānuka Honey

MGO 356+


Best Manuka Honey

Raw Mānuka Honey

MGO 514+


Best Manuka Honey

Raw Mānuka Honey

MGO 615+


Shop Raw New Zealand Manuka Honey

If you are looking for high-quality honey with a variety of uses and benefits, you need to shop New Zealand Manuka honey from Hokitika Honey & Herb. As a family-owned business with years of experience providing this incredible honey to locals, we are proud to share it with you.

Learn about the benefits of Manuka honey and order yours today to experience them for yourself. You are sure to love this unique honey that is only produced in New Zealand.

Quality You Can Taste

Whether you plan to use our honey to treat minor burns or to boost your digestive health, you can count on us to provide quality in every jar. Manuka honey is also a great option if you want a natural alternative to other cough and sore throat treatments.

To experience the delicious taste and health benefits, add some Manuka honey to your tea, spread it on toast, or carefully apply it topically to minor wounds or skin irritations like eczema. This particular type of honey contains methylglyoxal, which provides great anti-bacterial and anti-microbial effects.

At Hokitika Honey & Herb, we offer our honey in different levels of potency to meet your needs and preferences. And with our convenient online orders, you can have your honey delivered right to your door.

When you are ready to shop raw New Zealand Manuka honey from a company with years of experience, check out the selection from Hokitika Honey & Herb. You can also learn more about our background and how we became passionate about sharing the natural benefits of this honey with you.

Meet the beekeepers

Where Mānuka comes from

What is Mānuka Honey?

Authentic New Zealand Mānuka Honey is made by bees that pollinate New Zealand’s native Mānuka tree. Mānuka is a unique honey, containing high levels of Methyglyoxal (MGO), giving it unique properties that make it like no other honey. Mānuka honey is dark in color and has a unique flavor and thick texture. It contains high amounts of polyphenols and flavonoid compounds which are loaded with antioxidants believed to have great nutritional and health properties.

Our Mānuka honey comes from small-batch beekeepers on the remote area of New Zealand’s south Island. Hokitika is located on what’s know as the “wild west coast”, an area known for its rich natural beauty and way of life that seeks to preserve and live in harmony with nature.

A bee pollinates in the hive to table process so you can shop New Zealand Manuka honey

Mānuka Honey Ratings

What are MGO and UMF?

MGO and UMF are ways to rate the Methylglyoxal content of the honey. This is the main antibacterial, naturally occuring compound in Mānuka honey. It can vary from batch to batch and from season to season.

MGO = Methylglyoxal

This a key property when it comes to health benefits of the honey. The higher the MGO, the higher the potency. Our MGO rating is thouroughly tested by labs in both New Zealand and the United States.

UMF = Unique Mānuka Factor

Another rating you might see on Mānuka honey is UMF, a testing process developed by the UMF honey Association in New Zealand. It takes into account MGO as well as other compounds unique to Mānuka honey – Leptosperin and DHA (or dihydroxyacetone). The UMF number is based on the amount of MGO (see our chart for MGO to UMF conversion). Mānuka honey does not need to be UMF certified to be authentic, and our reliance on MGO over UMF allows us to bring you pure, authentic Mānuka honey at the best price possible.

MGO UMF Equivalent
MGO 83+ UMF 5+
MGO 263+ UMF 10+
MGO 356+ UMF 12+
MGO 514+ UMF 15+
MGO 615+ UMF 16+
MGO 830+ UMF 20+
MGO 1000+ UMF 22+

Explore “The Wild West Coast”

New Zealand’s

“Wild West Coast”

Hokitika is the small town on the “Wild West Coast” of New Zealand’s South Island we call home. Discover what we love about this remote, magical region.

New Zealand Wild West Coast

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